Jürgen Cito

Jürgen Cito
I am currently a PhD student at the University of Zurich where I primarily work with Philipp Leitner and Harald Gall, conducting research on the intersection of Software Engineering and Cloud Computing. Specifically, I am interested to explore how runtime feedback can assist developers and improve the software development process.

This blog is called “The Travelling Researcher’s Problem”, playfully hinting on the fact that my work in  research and software engineering has (to my full and utter enjoyment) has brought me to many wonderful places around the world, where I had the pleasure to meet wonderful people.

Ghost of a Researcher’s Past

My research journey starts in Vienna, Austria, where I did my bachelor’s and master’s in Computer Science at the Technical University of Vienna. I wrote my master thesis on “Statistical Methods in Managing Web Performance” in New York City with Catchpoint Systems and the Distributed Systems Group.

During my time in Vienna, I worked as a freelance software engineer and was quite involved in University teaching. In order to satisfy my travelling habit, I interned in New York City (Catchpoint Systems, Software Engineering), Boston (Sound&Vision Media, Web Development), and Northern Germany (Accenture, Technology Consulting).
I was also involved in a student organization called BEST (Board of European Students of Technology) where I completed workshops and events in Kiew, Istanbul, and Valencia (to pick a few…).


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